Starlito Floods the internet, releases Manifest Destiny

Starlito has been flooding the internet as of recent and has not let up. He dropped a solo album “Manifest Destiny” yesterday – Download Manifest Destiny

Here’s a run through of some Lito’s new content

Too Much , From Manifest Destiny (Prod. Metro Boomin & Doughboy)

GYABag – From Starlito & Don Trip’s Karate In The Garage Mixtape¬†Available here on Orange Mixtapes…

The record that delayed the release of Manifest Destiny with Curren$y (Prod. TrakkSounds)

The detailed time capsule revisiting Star’s I’m Moving To Houston Album


With Stepbrothers Three releasing March 15, 2017, Star is showing no signs of slowing down.


P.S. I’m gonna write a full article about Manifest Destiny.. still absorbing it.


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