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"More Life" cover art


Finally! We have some news about Drake’s ever-evolving project, More Life. According to Drake and his crew’s Instagram accounts, the quasi-mixtape-playlist will be released SATURDAY, MARCH 18. He is holding true to this boundary-testing creative work with an unorthodox Saturday release, which will most definitely be exclusively on Apple Music...

It’s Getting Very Hard to Watch TIDAL Destroy Itself

Music streaming service TIDAL (owned by Jay-Z) will grab at anything to bolster their subscription numbers. It’s been announced the artist-owned music service is receiving somewhat of a false boost to its monthly subscription list. Enter Sprint, which just bought  a 33% stake in the company and has opened up its 45...
"More Life" cover art

Drake’s “More Life” Headed for a Dec. 3rd Release?

We all heard the rumblings about Drake and his new project. We didn’t know much more than he was working on his FOURTH project since February of 2015. At the AMA’s this week, Drake referred to the project as a “playlist”, which was scheduled to be “coming soon”. How soon,...