Let’s Get In On This: DRAKE or NELLY?

Fans and readers of Orange, it’s been a while. Regrettably, I haven’t been able to post over the past week and a half and man have I missed it! So, let’s jump into it; there is quite an interesting debate that has exploded in recent days over Drake and...

Educate Yourself: Album Sales and their Equivalents

Have you ever wondered how album sales are counted? Probably not, but you should think about it. 10 years ago, this would be an unbelievably stupid question because album sales were counted by how many albums an artist sold. Simple enough, right? Fast forward to today however, and you will find...

“Eyez,” did J. Cole deliver? 4 Your Eyez Only Review

4 Your Eyez Only In my time as a music aficionado, I don’t think I’ve seen a more divisive album than “Eyez.” (Maybe “To Pimp a Butterfly?”). Hip-hop fans love it, but general music fans say it is not their taste. This is not the J. Cole that they...