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"More Life" cover art


Finally! We have some news about Drake’s ever-evolving project,¬†More Life. According to Drake and his crew’s Instagram accounts, the quasi-mixtape-playlist will be released SATURDAY, MARCH 18. He is holding true to this boundary-testing creative work with an unorthodox Saturday release, which will most definitely be exclusively on Apple Music...

Let’s Get In On This: DRAKE or NELLY?

Fans and readers of Orange, it’s been a while. Regrettably, I haven’t been able to post over the past week and a half and man have I missed it! So, let’s jump into it; there is quite an interesting debate that has exploded in recent days over Drake and...
"More Life" cover art

Drake’s “More Life” Headed for a Dec. 3rd Release?

We all heard the rumblings about Drake and his new project. We didn’t know much more than he was working on his FOURTH¬†project since February of 2015. At the AMA’s this week, Drake referred to the project as a “playlist”, which was scheduled to be “coming soon”. How soon,...